16. Nov, 2019

First Holy Communion Meetings (Module 2 & 4 updates)

Please update your diary to reflect the change to Module 2.
Meeting will now take place on
Saturday 14th December at 10am.
Sunday Activity on 22nd December at 11am.

Also Module 4
Saturday 8th February 2020 at 10am Mass
Sunday Activity on 16th February 2020 at 11am Mass.

Module 1 on Saturday 16th November.
Beginning with Mass at 10am.
We finish at 11.30am.
Parents and children to attend.

7. Dec, 2019

Christmas Bazaar

We formed a new committee on Sunday
and the Christmas Bazaar will proceed as usual
on Saturday 7th December from 12 noon to 2pm.
We urgently need your support in supplying
bottles, fancy goods, unwanted boxed presents.
See noticeboard for more details.
We have very little time to prepare, this year.

Nov, 2019

Bonus Pastor College Careers programme

Have you a career story that would inspire our local students?
Sharing your story might encourage a new direction for one of our students.
See link for details or see College website.

August 2019

Our new Archbishop

See link for a profile of our new Archbishop,
Most Rev John Wilson.

23. Jul, 2019

Photos from our Parish Fun Day

See link for happy memories of our Fun Day
celebrating 10 years of our Parish Youth Club.

16. Jul, 2019

Sacramental Programmes

Application Forms will be avaiable for the following:

Sacrament of Confirmation now available.

Exploring the Catholic Faith (RCIA) now available.

1. Sep, 2019

Advent and Epiphany with the Sisters at Belmont Hill.

At the Sisters of St Andrew
99 Belmont Hill,
SE13 5DY
See link

13. Sep, 2019

For marriages in difficulty

Date of next weekend and contact details.


University Chaplains in Southwark Diocese

See link for contact details of Catholic chaplains
who work in our south London universities.

16. Jul, 2019

The Augustine Camino

A walk from Rochester Cathedral to the Shrine at Ramsgate.
See link for details.

4. Nov, 2019

Invitation to lunch on Christmas Day

We do not know the sponsors of this event. Make enquiries of the organisers if you are interested in attending.
See link for details.