16. Feb, 2020

Heating Fund

We take our first collection this weekend.
We are attempting to raise £30,000 over the next three years.
This is a rough estimate of what it will cost to replace all the radiators
on the church property.

16. Feb, 2020

First Holy Communion Programme

Sunday Activity: on Sunday 16th February at 11am.

First Confessions:
On Saturday 7th March at 10.30am
On Saturday 14th March at 10.30am.
From next weekend.
Please sign the list to indicate on which Saturday you will attend.
Collect a letter and two pieces of paperwork to help you prepare your child.

Lent 2020

Sisters of St Andrew 99 Belmont Hill, SE13 5DY

Before Lent we have a ‘Sabbath Day’ (Monday 3rd February). We also have a ‘beginners’ week-end retreat, nonetheless open to people who made retreats before (21-23 February)

In Lent we have our usual Lenten Quiet Day on Saturday 7th March (10.30am to 4pm) and a Quiet Evening on Wednesday 11th March (7.30 to 9pm).

New this year is a 5 weeks Lenten Retreat we are organising. We would like to invite people in the area to take this opportunity to make this retreat in daily life. It begins at St Andrew’s on Sunday 1st March. Each week, each person attends a meeting with a spiritual companion at a place and time convenient for both. The retreat closes at St Andrew’s on Saturday 4th April.

20. Dec, 2019

Clergy Support Fund Campaign

This fund has raised £3.7m. for the support of the sick and retired priests of the diocese who number 88 at this time.
See link for newsletter and thank you to supporters

16. Feb, 2020


Pauline Ross RIP
Committal: Hither Green Crematorium
on Wednesday 26th Feb at 10.45am.

Kit McIntyre RIP
Funeral Mass: Tuesday 10th March at 11.30am
Committal: Hither Green Crematorium at 1pm.

29. Feb, 2020

Memorial Mass

Agnieszka Domarecka RIP
Mass: Saturday 29lth February at 10am.
Organised by Bonus Pastor College to remember a colleague and teacher.
Funeral took place in Poland on Saturday 8th February.