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The whole country is now under Tier 5 - a third National Lockdown

Daily Mass is allowed as we follow our strict stewarding measures.




We pray for all those working with the NHS and we especially pray for those members of our community who work in hospitals, care homes and serving the public. Also for our elderly parishioners and those with medical conditions. We place you all before God in our daily prayers.


Masses during the Coronavirus restrictions.


 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (B).









10 am

Intention of Mr & Mrs J Taylor



10 am

Honora Buckley RIP

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


10 am

Dec’d members of Watkins family

Conversion of St Paul


10 am


Ss Timothy & Titus


10 am

John Mulcahy RIP

St Angela Merci


10 am

Joy Lissenburg RIP

St Thomas Acquinas


10 am

Private Intention




Jane Whitham RIP



10 am

Rosy Fernandes RIP

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time



Please Note

The obligation to attend Mass on Sunday is not applicable during this crisis.





Fundraising at Good Shepherd

This is the Justgiving site where you can contirbute to our parish finances.

You can use the code reader scan or the link below to make a contribution.

Those who gift aid are reminded to ensure you provide the details requested.

Thank you for your support.


Other options to financially support the parish are offered below.

9. Jan, 2021

Thank You.

To all who were able to offer me support with your Christmas offerings and for the many cards and gifts received at the presbytery. Your generosity and thoughtfulness are much appreciated.

24. Jan, 2021

A short reflection by Fr John

Fr John offers this short video reflection on the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.

14. Nov, 2020

200 Club

We have completed the cycle of draws for 2019/20.
Please press link to discover our winners for the last year.
No prizes have been distributed since February.
All prizewinner will be notified before the end of the year.
Sadly, we are unable to organise this fund-raising effort during these difficult times.
We hope to resume the 200 Club when we are back to normal.
Thank you for your support.

14. Nov, 2020

The Universe & Catholic Times. Catholic Newspapers For England

TO OUR CATHOLIC UNIVERSE AND CATHOLIC TIMES READERS IN THE PARISH:- at the moment you are unable to collect your paper at Mass, but you can get it delivered direct to your home every week, POST FREE. Please go to or call them on 0161 820 5722 and they will arrange for you. SPECIAL OFFER 3 MONTHS :-£22.00 or 12 Months:- £80.00

1. Dec, 2020

Exploring the Catholic Faith (RCIA) ONLINE

This year our programme has gone online. We send you a video to watch at home and about a week later we join at a Zoom meeting for a discussion on the topic. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the Catholic Faith or has missed receiving one of the sacraments is most welcome to join us. Contact Fr John through this website by email.

Our next Zoom meeting is on Tuesday 1st December at 10.30 am. Contact Fr John if you would like to join us on the topic: Salvation History and the Incarnation.

26. Sep, 2020

Online First Holy Communion Programme 2020 - 2021

This course has begun and all the families who applied have received the First Module.
The closing date for this Programme is Sunday 1st November.
Those in Year 3 are now eligible for First Holy Communion.
This year's course will be conducted online.
You will need to apply online to join the course.
Use this email address for all applications/communication

No other email address will elicit a response for this programme.

July 2020

Daily Mass at 10am

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass was removed at the beginning of the pandemic and we encourage your return to Mass on any day of the week at 10am.
Check the Mass list above for any change to Mass times.
Please give priority to those who work during the week on Saturday/Sunday.
Each week, I will list the daily number who attended, in the previous week, on the Mass Intention list.
See link for Fr John's letter.

24. Oct, 2020

The Sacrament of Baptism

We are now ready to offer the Sacrament of Baptism, once more. Please note only 6 people are allowed to attend under government guidelines and this includes the priest and the child. All baptisms will take place at 10.30 am on any weekday or Saturday, following the short course of preparation. Contact Fr John at the email address of for further information.

3. Oct, 2020

NHS Track and Trace app

If you download the NHS COVID-19 Track and Trace app then you can register your attendance at the church without filling-in any written details. Bring your mobile phone and point at the QR scan code which is held by the steward.

3. Oct, 2020

Stewarding at Mass

If anyone can volunteer to join our group of Stewards at 10am Mass on weekdays or Sundays then please contact Fr John. The proviso is that you must not be in a vulnerable category and able to wear a mask

8. Aug, 2020

Face Coverings Now Compulsory at Mass.

Please comply with Government regulations and wear a face mask from the time you begin to queue to enter church. Those who are exempt should inform the 'Entry Steward' and we will find a safe place for you in the church.

24. Jul, 2020

As Shielding ends

We have prepared a 'safe place' for anyone who was shielding and is still nervous, to return to Mass. The space can hold two family members and is situated in the emergency doorway by the sacristy. Contact Fr John, in advance, to book this space.

18. Jul, 2020

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Ask the Stewards to direct you to the place where you may receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Please wear a face mask. The Sacrament is available on any day after the 10am Mass.

27. Jun, 2020

Layout of Good Shepherd

Here are some pictures of the interior of the church to show how we are ensuring the space is as safe as can be for worship.
Highlight the url and right click on the mouse and Go.............

July 2020

A word of comfort

There are some in our community who for health reasons or anxiety are not yet ready to return to church. Please continue to nourish your relationship with God through the means you have been using. All of us are on a path of new discovery as to where the Lord will lead us and we must support and pray for one another and value the contribution of each one from the differing situations in which we find ourselves.

27. Jun, 2020

Financial Contributions to Good Shepherd

We have a small number of parishioners who have supported us through Standing Orders or others through cheques or cash. During this crisis and without our Sunday collection we are appealing for you to support your parish.
See the link to contact Mary W who can guide you in choosing the best way to make your contribution.

10. Jul, 2020

Gift Aid Envelopes

If you are a member of our Gift Aid scheme then please phone or email Fr John to ask for your box of envelopes. Nominate the day you wish to collect and Fr John will make them available.

27. Jun, 2020

No place for Racism

Archbishop John Wilson addresses the Schools and Colleges of our diocese in this important letter to students.
See link for details.

27. Jun, 2020

Online Prayer Wall

Here is an opportunity to ask for parish prayers using this padlet platform.
Highlight the url. right clikck the mouse and Go..............

10. Jul, 2020

Red Box 'Missio'.

We are not able to collect the Red Boxes at this time but those who wish to empty and donate from home should see the following link.

28. Jun, 2020

200 Club

Our monthly draws still take place but no prizes have been distributed during the lockdown.
See link for monthly winners.

18. Nov, 2020

Recent Deaths

Please remember in your prayers the souls of the recently departed.
Kathleen Marjoram RIP
Dr Lawrence Kalu RIP
Mavis Brewer RIP
Hannah (Joan) Guilfoyle RIP
Baby Johanna Busingyi RIP
Patrick O Neill RIP
Christopher Griffin RIP
Maurice Moen RIP
Gladys Marina Giffard RIP
Bill Greenslade RIP