Secondary School Transfers

All applications to  Catholic Secondary Schools require a document from the parish priest indicating how often the parents and child attend Sunday Mass. Parents will need to approach Fr John after Sunday Mass and sign each week if they wish the child to receive a favourable report. Bonus Pastor our local school will have three applicants for each place and the decision will be made on the frequency of attending Sunday Mass. No last-minute excuses will be accepted as I'm giving ample warning of the process.

Latest Updates

Mass Times return to Normal.


From Saturday 9th October we restore our normal timetable of Masses.


Sat. 6.00pm

Sun 9.15am

Sun 11.00 am

Mon 9.15am

Tue 9.15am

Wed 9.15am

Thur 10.00 am

Fri 9.15am

Sat morning: No Mass unless announced for the coming week.


Please alert your friends and neighbours of this change and encourage them to return to Mass at the weekends. The church is among the safest environments you will attend in the course of the week.

First Holy Communion, Sacrament of Confirmation, Enquiries about the Catholic Faith

Catechetical Programmes for 2021/2022.


All programmes will commence online.

Supplementary meetings in the Hall will occur as conditions improve.

Applications are open from today and will close on October 24th 2021.


First Holy Communion.

Eligible children must be at least in Year 3.

Weekly attendance at church is expected.

Sunday activities at Mass will be included.

The parent becomes the Teacher of Your Child on this course.

All aspects of the course must be completed in a timely manner.

Applications to this email address only:


Sacrament of Confirmation.

Eligible young people must be at least in Year 8 and aged 12+.

Weekly attendance at church is expected.

The parent will join the young person in participating in this online course.

No young person can join this course without a parent committing to the course.

A baptismal certificate is needed to join the Course.

Applications to this email address only:


Enquiring about the Catholic Faith.

For anyone who would like to learn about the Catholic Church and wishes to explore a faith in Jesus Christ as lived according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • You may be new to this story.
  • You may be helping a child with First Holy Communion or the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • You may be returning to the Catholic Church after some years away.
  • You may have missed out on some of the sacraments and you feel its time to complete the gifts that God offers through His Church.

Contact Fr John on this email address only:




Recognising our need to be sensitive and understanding of others

Mask Wearing.

Masks are no longer compulsory, but I would ask you to consider wearing a mask in church to offer reassurance to those who are still anxious.


Social Distancing.

If you are the first to enter a bench I would ask you to consider occupying the middle of the bench allowing for others to arrive in the bench to left and right of you. Before sitting it would be polite to engage with the other users and ask if they are happy with the distance you are maintaining from them.



You will need to contact Fr John and establish you are a regular worshipper at Good Shepherd and apply for the online course.








We pray for all those working with the NHS and we especially pray for those members of our community who work in hospitals, care homes and serving the public. Also for our elderly parishioners and those with medical conditions. We place you all before God in our daily prayers.


Normal Schedule of Masses resumed


Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B).











No Mass Intention

Vigil Mass of Sunday



No Mass Intention

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time



Kevin McMorrow RIP




No Mass intention

St Luke, Evangelist




Ss John de  Brebeuf & Issac Jogues


9.15 am

No Mass intention



10 am

No Mass intention



9.15 am

No Mass intention

St John Paul ll , Pope



No Morning Mass




No Mass intention




Mary English RIP

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time


11 am

Baby Angel Johanna Busingye RIP



Fundraising at Good Shepherd

This is the Justgiving site where you can contirbute to our parish finances.

You can use the code reader scan or the link below to make a contribution.

Those who gift aid are reminded to ensure you provide the details requested.

Thank you for your support.


Other options to financially support the parish are offered below.

17. Oct, 2021

Pastoral Letter

Archbishop John has released a Pastoral Letter informing us of the diocesan engagement with plans for the Synod of bishops in Rome in 2023.
Each diocese is invited to consult with parishes to inform the issues discussed at this Synod. Our bishops will decide on which issues to refer to Rome.

5. Oct, 2021


To our parishioner, Michael Akinrele, who was recently elected as Deputy Supreme Knight of the Knights of St Columba UK.
This is a great honour for Michael and his family and highlights the importance of the Lay Apostolate and the generosity of those who give of their time and example of service to the Church.

25. Apr, 2021

Gift Aid Tax information for personal Tax Returns

Please see link for Gift Aid contributions concerning the Tax Year 2020/2021.

18. Jul, 2020

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Available any day after Mass at the Sacristy Emergency Door exit. Please wear a face mask.

24. Oct, 2020

The Sacrament of Baptism

Speak with Fr John after Mass at the Sacristy Emergency exit to enroll on the online programme.

27. Jun, 2020

Financial Contributions to Good Shepherd

We have a small number of parishioners who have supported us through Standing Orders or others through cheques or cash. During this crisis and without our Sunday collection we are appealing for you to support your parish.
See the link to contact Mary W who can guide you in choosing the best way to make your contribution.

10. Jul, 2020

Gift Aid Envelopes

If you are a member of our Gift Aid scheme then please phone or email Fr John to ask for your box of envelopes. Nominate the day you wish to collect and Fr John will make them available.

10. Jul, 2020

Red Box 'Missio'.

We are not able to collect the Red Boxes at this time but those who wish to empty and donate from home should see the following link.

28. Jun, 2020

200 Club

Our monthly draws still take place but no prizes have been distributed during the lockdown.
See link for monthly winners.

18. Nov, 2020

Recent Deaths

Please remember in your prayers the souls of the recently departed.
Kathleen Marjoram RIP
Dr Lawrence Kalu RIP
Mavis Brewer RIP
Hannah (Joan) Guilfoyle RIP
Baby Johanna Busingyi RIP
Patrick O Neill RIP
Christopher Griffin RIP
Maurice Moen RIP
Gladys Marina Giffard RIP
Bill Greenslade RIP
Sheila Scholey RIP
Eileen Margaret Harney RIP
Lil O Sullivan RIP
Jennifer Obel RIP
John Galvin RIP
Dean Francolini RIP
John Gorman RIP
Jim Murphy RIP
Everal Egan RIP
Kathleen Stamp RIP
Brian Overall RIP
Joyce Prescott RIP
Kevin Anderson RIP
Jean Tsangarides RIP
Patrick Yan Chun Po RIP