Southwark Diocese Individual retreat

Archbishop John and the Diocesan Spirituality Team has organised an individual retreat which can be accessed by all.

See link to sign up for your personal weekly email. .................

We have the possibility of forming a parish online support group to reflect together. Contact Fr John if you like the format and would like to join such a support group.

A daily retreat for Lent presented by the Jesuits

Below you will find a link which each day will take you to a time of prayer, reflection and music to engage with the Gospel message.

Lent Retreat – from the Jesuits in Scotland (

Children's resources for Lent

Below you will find resources to use for each Sunday in Lent

FM Cycle B Book fnl (


Weekly Service for the Sundays in Lent

Below you can follow the Children's Liturgy each Sunday.

Celebrate | Following Your Faith | Children's Liturgy (

Retreat led by Fr Denis McBride

This retreat uses paintings and imaginative dialogue from Fr McBride which feeds into our search for God through insights into the human character.

A little different from our normal retreats but some may find it helpful and fulfilling.

See link for details

Reflecting with Paintings | Retreat with Denis McBride | RP Books