The Following Rotas are available

1.  Readers at Sunday 9.15am Mass.

2.  Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.

3.  Sunday counters and recorders.

4.  Readers at Saturday 6pm Mass.

5.  Readers at Sunday 11am Mass.

Readers at Sunday 9.15am. (Updated March 2022)

Readers for Sunday 9.15 mass


April 2022


3rd April


10th April

R. Parascandolo

17th April

N. Hawks

24th April




May 2022


1st May


8th May


15th May

S. Venthakone

22nd May





Readers for Sunday 9.15 mass


June 2022

5th June T.Whinder

12th June R. Parascandolo

19th June N. Hawks

26th June F.Balogun


July 2022

3rd July M.Akinrele

10th July T.Agboola

17th July S. Venthakone

24th July J.Whinder

31st July T.Whinder

Eucharistic Ministers' Rota








Sr Collette

M. Akinrele

Sr Collette


T. Gustillo

A. Duggan

A. Swift


A. Duggan

T. Agboola

L. Imanuel


M. Whinder

A. Badejo

Sr. Collette


Sr. Collette

M. Akinrele

O. Adekanbi






T. Gustillo

A. Duggan

L. Imanuel



T. Agboola

Sr. Collette


M. Whinder

A. Badejo

A. Swift


Sr. Collette

M. Akinrele

A. Adekanbi










M. Whinder

A. Duggan

Sr. Collette


T. Gustillo

T. Agboola

A. Swift


Sr. Collette

A. Badejo

Sr Collette


M. Whinder

M. Akinrele

L. Imanuel


A. Duggan

A. Duggan

A. Adekanbi



Counting and Recording Rota for 2020




Counting & Recording Rota 2020







Margaret Colohan/Anne McLoone

5th January

23rd February

12th April

31st May

19th July

6th September

25th October

13th December



Rosa Parascandolo/Nino Parascandolo

12th January

1st March

19th April

7th June

26th July

13th September

1st November

20th December



George Balachandran/Viji Balachandran


19th January

8th March

26th April

14th June

2nd August

20th September

8th November

27th December



Noel Hawks/Mary Whinder


26th January

15th March

10th May

21st June

9th August

27th September

15th November




Deidre Wright/Anne Hayler

2nd February

22nd March

3rd May

28th June

16th August

4th October

22nd November




Jane Whinder/Tom Whinder


9th February

29th March

17th May

5th July

23rd August

11th October

29th November



Taiwo Agboola/Mary Whinder


16th February

5th April

24th May

12th July

30th August

18th October

6th December


Helpful Hints for Gift Aid Recording and Counting:

  1. Please check that all the envelopes are for Downham Parish.  If any are for other Parishes, the money inside should be included in our collection, but not recorded on our Gift Aid Schedules.  The amount enclosed should be noted on the outside of the envelope and the envelope given to Mary Whinder who will return it to the originating Parish for their records.
  2. Money is always recorded for the week it is receivedeven if some of the envelopes are for different dates.
  3. All cheques to be included for Gift Aid must be made payable to “Good Shepherd Church”.  Cheques made out to the Parish Priest personally cannot be included and should not be  recorded on our schedules.
  4. If there is a second collection, please note what it is for on the white summary sheet.



Readers - Saturday 6pm.(Updated March 2022)



Readers – Saturday 6.00 p.m. Masses




2nd April

Seyi Dominic

9th April

Monica Ali

16th April

Milly Dcosta

23rd April

Daniel McLoughlin

30th April

Jo Keyes

7th May

Mary Whinder

14th May

Sue Fitzsimons

21st May

Margaret Stone

28th May

Zainab Agboola

Readers at the 11am Mass(Updated March 2022)

3 April 2022

Christine Coldwell

10 April 2022

Debra Gardner

17 April 2022

Gerald Dove

24 April 2022

James Massaquoi

1 May 2022

Nancy D’sa

8 May 2022

Penny Woollard

15 May 2022

Shagana Joseph 

22 May 2022

Christine Coldwell

29 May 2022

Debra Gardner



Sunday 11 am mass readers – June to December 2022


5 June 2022 Gerald Dove

12 June 2022 James Massaquoi

19 June 2022 Nancy D’sa

26 June 2022 Penny Woollard

3 July 2022 Shagana Joseph

10 July 2022 Christine Coldwell

17 July 2022 Debra Gardner

24 July 2022 Gerald Dove

31 July 2022 James Massaquoi

7 August 2022 Nancy D’sa

14 August 2022 Penny Woollard

21 August 2022 Shagana Joseph

28 August 2022 Christine Coldwell

4 September 2022 Debra Gardner

11 September 2022 Gerald Dove

18 September 2022 James Massaquoi

25 September 2022 Nancy D’sa

2 October 2022 Penny Woollard

9 October 2022 Shagana Joseph

16 October 2022 Christine Coldwell

23 October 2022 Debra Gardner

30 October 2022 Gerald Dove

6 November 2022 James Massaquoi

13 November 2022 Nancy D’sa

20 November 2022 Penny Woollard

27 November 2022 Shagana Joseph

4 December 2022 Christine Coldwell

11 December 2022 Debra Gardner

18 December 2022 Gerald Dove

25 December 2022 James Massaquoi

Sunday 11 am readers rota (June to December 2022)