Sacrament of the Sick

The priest is always available to administer

the sacrament of the sick to those who are in 

danger of death or those who are seriously ill,

or those who are undergoing major surgery.

If the person is already in hospital it may be

more appropriate to make contact with the hospital

and ask for the Catholic chaplain to be informed.


 Data protection laws have made it very difficult

for the hospital chaplain to identify

those who are Catholic,

as not all patients are asked if they wish to record

their religious affiliation on their admission form.


In any forms you complete on entering hospital

or any care plan that is offered to you,

please make sure you ask for the chaplain

to be informed of your stay in the hospital

and also include your wish

for the chaplain to be called

to adminster the sacrament of the sick

in the event of a serious deterioration in your health.