Sacrament of Confirmation Programme 2022/ 2023.




This is an online programme developed during the pandemic.  It consists of a series of video presentations with accompanying homework sheets involving both parent and young person. Both parties must participate together to complete each task.



As a Catholic Parent you will need to commit to.


You are the first educator of your child in the ways of faith.

You may feel you lack the necessary knowledge of the faith, but God will provide all you need.

Through your daily prayer for your child and the example of Sunday Mass attendance you will provide your child with a good role model of a faithful Christian.

By your example, your child will recognise a sincere desire by an adult to grow closer to God.

Through your own faith story, you have much to share with your child.

As you sense your child growing more independent from you as they enter the teenage years you should value this opportunity to engage with a young adult and a developing mind.

You have learned or failed to learn from the pitfalls in your life. Now, is a good time to share.


At Home.

Watch the video with as many of the family who are willing to watch.

Identify the themes and apply to your own life.

Identify the areas where you feel lacking in confidence to share with your child.

Together with your child complete the homework by the deadline date.


At church.

Each Sat/ Sun Mass, the young person will provide a prayer intention or a note of thanks to God for something that has happened or will happen.

It is expected that the young person will be accompanied to church by the parents each weekend.

An attendance list will indicate the priority given to participating in the course centred around our attendance at Mass.


Saturday Gatherings.

Two such gatherings are envisaged for the course but may be increased if the participants are seeking more support or a sense of sharing together.

The date for the Sacrament of Confirmation is provisional as we must await a decision by the Archbishop.

Sacrament of Confirmation 2022 / 2023.



8th October 2022.                      Close of Applications.



15th October 2022.                    Introductory Video sent.



22nd October 2022.                   Saturday Meeting for all in the Upper Hall. We begin with Mass at 10am.





29th October 2022.                    Video One sent.

18th November 2022.                 Last day to return Homework One.





19th November 2022.                 Video Two sent.

2nd December 2022.                  Last day to return Homework Two.





3rd December 2022.                   Video Three sent.

6th January 2023.                      Last day to return Homework Three.





7th January 2023.                      Video Four sent.

20th January 2023.                    Last day to return Homework Four.





21st January 2023.                     Video Five sent.

4th February 2023.                     Last day to return Homework Five.




4th February 2023.                    Saturday Meeting for All in the Upper Hall. We begin with Mass at 10am.



11th February 2023.                   Sacrament of Confirmation Mass at 6pm or 7pm.



This programme recognises that you, the Catholic parent, is the best person to instruct your child in the ways of faith and as your child enters teenage years it is an opportunity for you to begin building a different relationship with your child as they progress into this difficult and exciting phase of testing boundaries, semi-independence, anxious and self-conscious doubts. As your child engages with an adult world you must play your part in staying close to them and encouraging trust and confidence in your family relationship.  A shared faith journey and shared experiences can be a stable part of that developing and exciting relationship as you urge your child to explore this next phase of their life equipped with strong and trusted values that you share as a Christian family.

Attendance at church, each week, and an accompanying prayer offering to God will be a feature of this programme.

The Sacrament of Confirmation. Who is eligible?

A young person who has been baptised and celebrated First Holy Communion.

At least 12 years of age and Year 8 or above in Secondary School.