Introductory letter to First Holy Communion parents July 20


Dear Parents,


I am unable to offer your child the joyful celebration of First Holy Communion that we normally celebrate in May. I have no idea when we will return to celebrating in a full church and can only imagine we are looking into next year.

Some families may wish to wait until we can hold such a ceremony but others may wish for your child to receive this life-giving food as soon as possible.


All I can offer at the church is the following –


  1. A 10am Mass on any weekday – Saturday and Sunday are not available.
  2. You must arrive on time as late arrivals to Mass are not allowed to enter.
  3. Just the immediate household to attend. No invitation to friends or relatives.
  4. No photos or gathering around the church after Mass.
  5. The family to sit at the back of the church and receive Holy Communion last.


As you can see this is a far cry from how we normally celebrate but the safety of the whole community must come before the wishes of a single family.


If you wish to proceed and book a date then you will need to contact me at

and obtain the google sheet where you can see what dates are available and choose your date.



With best wishes,



Canon John Kavanagh.



July 2020