A journey in faith

The Programme for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) runs from October to Easter in our Upper Hall.

We invite those who wish to explore the Catholic faith and those who wish to rediscover their Catholic faith to join us on specified Thursday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm.

A programme of talks and discussions are held in a very informal and friendly atmosphere.
Contact the priest if you would like to attend.

Below you will find a provisional programme for the coming year.

Please fill in and return the enclosed application form to the church or find a hard copy at the back of the church




RCIA Programme 2018 -2019 Provisional dates

We will confirm all dates with participants at our first meeting.


We invite applications for this programme from those who wish to learn more about the Catholic Faith. You may have a child in school whom you want to support; are about to marry a catholic; were baptised but never received your Holy Communion or Confirmation; are wanting to return to the Church; come from no faith or another faith background. The programme is open to all. Please come and sample the programme. If it is not for you then you will not be pressured into giving reasons or contacted again by members of the Team.

For this year’s programme we will try a new format. Due to work commitments, overseas travel and the complexities of modern life it is proving very difficult to ensure each enquirer is given every opportunity to complete each module. If you miss a week then you must arrange to meet with one of the catechists during that month to complete the module.



Topics for modules


11th Oct 2018

An Introductory evening


8th  Nov 2018

The meaning of life/Creation and Fall


15th Nov 2018

Salvation History/The Incarnation


2nd Dec 2018

The Rite of Initiation at 11am Mass


6th Dec 2018

The Life of Christ / Paschal Mystery



Visit to Church and guidance on Mass books


13th Dec 2018

The Church / Trinity / Mary



Christmas Break


17th Jan 2018

Scripture and Tradition / Liturgy and Sacraments


24th Jan 2019

Baptism / Confirmation


7th Feb 2019

Eucharist /Praying the Mass


14th Feb 2019

Confession / Anointing the Sick


9th Mar 2019

Rite of Catechumenate at Cathedral


10th Mar 2019

Rite of Catechumenate at 11am Mass


14th Mar 2019

Marriage / Ordination


21st Mar 2019

Natural Law / Ten Commandments/ Moral Action/ Grace &Beatitude


4th Apr 2019

The Christian Life / Prayer / Catholic Devotion


20th Apr 2019

Reception into Church at Easter Vigil at 8pm



Please cut here and return to priest


Application Form

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I consent to this written personal information being retained by the parish for the period of this preparation programme.

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