Resources for Lent

In this 'Year of the Word' I hope we can grow in our appreciation of the Bible as entering into a conversation with God. We open the page and we begin to engage with whatever God is sharing with us. Like in any conversation with another you take turns at introducing the topic and most of us will give way to a 'senior' who sets the agenda for the conversation.

Let God be the one who sets our agenda as we engage in a daily conversation, using our imagination, empathy, joys and sorrows to share in a conversation with the Creator of the World who invites us to listen to His Plea for the good of His Whole Creation.

Lenten Exercises Wisdom Literature

Week One : Lenten exercise List of Psalms

Suit your mood with this selection.

Week Two: Lenten exercise on Ecclesiastes

Examine our own attitudes to God and to our neighbour's well being!

Week Three: Lenten exercise on Book of Wisdom

Week Four: Lenten exercise on Book of Proverbs

Week Five: Lenten exercise on Book of Ecclesiasticus

Week Six: Lenten exercise on Song of Songs

Week Seven: Lenten exercise on Book of Job