We pray for all those working with the NHS and we especially pray for those members of our community who work in hospitals, care homes and serving the public. Also for our elderly parishioners and those with medical conditions. We place you all before God in our daily prayers.


Mass Intentions at Good Shepherd during the Coronavirus shutdown.


Fr John will continue to say Mass each day. The Mass intentions which have been booked will be honoured on the day and any other Mass intentions in the Mass Book will be said. Any vacant spaces will be offered for the wellbeing of our community.


Trinity Sunday (A).


Masses and Mass Intentions






Priest only. No public Mass

Intention of Gertie

St Norbert


Priest only. No public Mass

Estelle Johnson RIP

Most Holy Trinity


Priest only. No public Mass

Florence Maclean RIP



Priest only. No public Mass

Theodora Kenny RIP

St Columba, Abbot


Priest only. No public Mass



Thursday  *

Priest only. No public Mass

Mary & Jim Hennessy RIP

St Barnabas, Apostle


Priest only. No public Mass

The Ryan Family



Priest only. No public Mass

Mary Lydon RIP

St Anthony of Padua


Priest only. No public Mass

Intention of Everal Egan

Feast of Corpus Christi


21. Apr, 2020

Prayer Wall

An opportunity to pray for our parish community.
Highlight the URL in the next line and right click on your mouse.

Then Go to.......

Double click on the site to add your own prayer.

Add the Christian names of doctors, nurses and carers from our community to the list on our prayer wall. Let us hold them dear to our hearts.

19. Apr, 2020

Trinity Sunday

Fr John offers a short reflection for the Feast of The Most Holy Trinity.
See link for details.

18. Apr, 2020

Online Prayer Meeting

Let me know by emailing the parish info@goodshephedindownham.co.uk if any of you would like to participate in an online prayer meeting.
Through use of Zoom Conferencing Platform we can gather a group with a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet or PC. All you need is a microphone and camera which are normally built in to most modern devices.
We had fourteen people at our last meeting.
Each Wednesday at 2pm

2. Apr, 2020

Parish Finance.

The closure of the church means we have no parish income.
We have a few monthly, Standing Orders.
A number of parishioners have asked how they can continue to contribute to the Church during the Coronavirus pandemic.
Contact Mary W at info@goodshepherdindownham.co.uk
for guidance and support
See link (click underlined heading) for details.

29. May, 2020

Gift Aid contributions 19/20

Some of you may need this information to completer your tax return for the last year.
See link for details.

19. Mar, 2020

Good Shepherd Church closed.

No public Masses or services will be celebrated at Good Shepherd or any other Catholic Church until further notice on the instruction of our Archbishop.
This will include the Holy Week ceremonies which the priest will celebrate alone and behind closed doors.
We are supporting the government guidelines that we must distance ourselves from one another to reduce the spread of the virus.
See this website for regular updates on our parish

29. Mar, 2020

Easter Duties and a Perfect Act of Contrition.

Latest news from our Archbishop, John Wilson.
See link for details.

21. Mar, 2020

Our Spiritual Lives

See link for a prayer for spiritual communion when not able to be at Mass.
Also links to Catholic websites and apps that can help you to pray and reflect.

21. Mar, 2020

Live Streaming of Mass

There are many opportunities to join in prayer with those who are celebrating Mass in various locations.
See link for extensive list.
Also EWTN for those with TV packages.

22. May, 2020

Southwark Youth Service

Offers five mini videos to teenagers during this difficult time.
See link for details.

23. Mar, 2020

Liturgies for children on Sunday

See link for resources to help children feel close to God on Sunday and any other time you feel it will help them.

20. Mar, 2020

Liturgical Advice from the Bishops' Conference

See link for the text of this document relating to parish life in this time of crisis.

25. Mar, 2020

Immigration Advice Service

This organisation remains open to offer advice for all those with immigration problems.
See link for details.

21. Mar, 2020

First Holy Communion Programme

We have completed the First Confessions for all candidates.
Module 5 is cancelled due to the coronavirus.
We may have to delay First Holy Communion Sunday until later in the year.

29. Mar, 2020

Heating Fund

The next special collection to replace heating radiators
We are attempting to raise £30,000 over the next three years.
This is a rough estimate of what it will cost to replace all the radiators
on the church property.

29. Apr, 2020

200 Club winners during the Coronavirus.

We continue to make the monthly draws but will keep the cheques until we can return to normal banking.
See link for monthly winners.



Florence Maclean RIP
Crematorium Service: Hither Green Cremarorium
on Friday 5th June at 1.45pm

Theodora Kenny RIP
Graveside Service: at Hither Green Cemetery
on Tuesday 9th June at 12 noon.