After Lockdown – from 19th July 2021.

A Gradual Approach.

  1. The church layout will return to normal and is open to all. No more stewarding.
  2. As your personal responsibility towards others, please consider wearing a mask in church and allowing sufficient space between persons on the same bench.
  3. Only one Mass per day (including Saturday and Sunday) at 10 am until our numbers begin to grow.
  4. The Sunday Obligation remains suspended until Advent 2021 and so you may continue to treat any day as your Sunday worship.
  5. The Church Door will open at 9.45 am and Mass will continue in the shortened version for the summer.
  6. The priest will continue to sanitise and wear a mask during Holy Communion distribution.
  7. As we rebuild our confidence, I suggest we continue with the distribution of Holy Communion at the end of Mass, thus, ensuring we have no melee of people leaving the church in one large scrum.
  8. We will continue the one distribution point for Holy Communion and invite the congregation to continue with our current practice of coming forward, row by row.
  9. As is our custom during the summer holidays we will not have any music/singing during Mass.
  10. Statues are still off-limits, but you can still purchase your devotional candles from the front barrier in the main aisle of the church.
  11. The restrictions on numbers attending baptisms, weddings and funerals are now lifted.


Recognising our need to be sensitive and understanding of others

Mask Wearing.

Masks are no longer compulsory, but I would ask you to consider wearing a mask in church to offer reassurance to those who are still anxious.


Social Distancing.

If you are the first to enter a bench I would ask you to consider occupying the middle of the bench allowing for others to arrive in the bench to left and right of you. Before sitting it would be polite to engage with the other users and ask if they are happy with the distance you are maintaining from them.



You will need to contact Fr John and establish you are a regular worshipper at Good Shepherd and apply for the online course.


First Holy Communion 2021.

Fr John will contact parents who have completed the course over the next week.






We pray for all those working with the NHS and we especially pray for those members of our community who work in hospitals, care homes and serving the public. Also for our elderly parishioners and those with medical conditions. We place you all before God in our daily prayers.




Masses during the Coronavirus Pandemic after Lockdown


 Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time(B).


Please Note

The obligation to attend Mass on Sunday is not applicable during this crisis.


The limit on numbers attending Mass is now removed.


We ask you to consider giving priority on Saturday and Sunday to those who are working on weekdays.










10 am


St Ignatius Loyola


10 am

Intention of Geraldine

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time


10 am




10 am

Intention of Denise Keogh



10 am

Patrick de Silva RIP

St John Vianney


10 am

Intention of Margaret and Brian RIP



10 am

Intention of Daniel, Jade and Brody

Transfiguration of The Lord



Intention of Stephen Gurden



10 am

Haydee Migale RIP

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time




Fundraising at Good Shepherd

This is the Justgiving site where you can contirbute to our parish finances.

You can use the code reader scan or the link below to make a contribution.

Those who gift aid are reminded to ensure you provide the details requested.

Thank you for your support.


Other options to financially support the parish are offered below.

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School

We are your parish primary school,

graded “Good” by OFSTED in February 2020 and would love to hear from you.

We currently have spaces in our Reception Class for September 2021.

If you have a child whose date of birth is between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017

and you are interested in a place for them, please contact the school office on 020 8698 4173.

We also have vacancies in our Nursery for September 2021.

If you would like a place for your child and they will be 3 years old by September 2021, or soon after, please call us.


10. Aug, 2021

Virtual Zoom Youth and Young People’s Seminar - 10th August 2021

Virtual Zoom Youth and Young People’s Seminar that we the Knights of St Columba have arranged for the 10th August 2021 for the 16yrs – 23yrs Young People?
Subjects looking to cover

Mental Health, Faith and Young People
Understanding Religious life and Religious Orders
Understanding Finance
Understanding Canon Law
Knife Crimes, it’s consequences from a Judicial perspective
Laudato Si – Our Environment and Young People
Our Head Office will send out our Programme and Application Form with each enquiry received.

Email: or go to

See Link for further details.

17. Jul, 2021

Farewell to Paul Moriarty

Our school/parish community is filled with sadness at this end of term as we bid farewell to Mr Moriarty who had been our Headteacher for the last sixteen years. From his first day among us I have never doubted Mr Moriarty’s commitment to helping each child to progress in learning and preparation for the rigours of secondary school and his unfailing kindness to the families of our parish and his interest in our community.
He has been a wonderful servant and friend to our community and as we bid him farewell I pray for his health and wellbeing as he enters this next phase in his life. Thank you, Mr Moriarty.

17. Jul, 2021

Church Stewards

As the stewarding ends in our church I wish to acknowledge my thanks to the stewards who have ensured we were able to remain open throughout the time of restrictions. Thank you to Mel, Ray and Geraldine for looking after our weekdays and to Dayo, George, Christine and Ramona for our weekends and to all for plugging the gaps. You have truly been ministers of the Gospel in allowing our community to praise and worship God around the Table of the Lord.

8. Aug, 2021

A short reflection by Fr John

Fr John offers this short video reflection on the Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

28. Jun, 2021

A Farewell message to the parish from Sr Collette

Dear Parishioners of Good Shepherd.
My time among you as Parish Sister has ended.
I would like to thank you for your support and friendship while with you.
As I settle in my new Community and Parish I would like to thank you for all the beautiful cards and tokens of appreciation as I said good bye to you.
I look forward to returning to Good Shepherd and having a chance to say a proper good bye.
I remember you all with great affection and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Sr Collette.

12. Jun, 2021

Sad News

Many of you will be aware that the convent at Mottingham is closing and the Sisters have been recalled to Wales. This means that Sr Collette will leave our parish at the end of June and take up a new appointment in a parish in South Wales. The current restrictions prevent up from organising a farewell ceremony for Sr Collette and we will have to await the return of our freedoms to invite Sr Collette to return as we honour and celebrate the thirteen years she has spent among us. She has worked very hard to support our children, the elderly and our school. We will miss her engaging smile and readiness to help wherever she could. She has been a wonderful friend to our parish and will be greatly missed by us all.

25. Apr, 2021

Gift Aid Tax information for personal Tax Returns

Please see link for Gift Aid contributions concerning the Tax Year 2020/2021.

18. Jul, 2020

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Available any day after Mass at the Sacristy Emergency Door exit. Please wear a face mask.

24. Oct, 2020

The Sacrament of Baptism

Speak with Fr John after Mass at the Sacristy Emergency exit to enroll on the online programme.

27. Jun, 2020

Financial Contributions to Good Shepherd

We have a small number of parishioners who have supported us through Standing Orders or others through cheques or cash. During this crisis and without our Sunday collection we are appealing for you to support your parish.
See the link to contact Mary W who can guide you in choosing the best way to make your contribution.

10. Jul, 2020

Gift Aid Envelopes

If you are a member of our Gift Aid scheme then please phone or email Fr John to ask for your box of envelopes. Nominate the day you wish to collect and Fr John will make them available.

27. Jun, 2020

No place for Racism

Archbishop John Wilson addresses the Schools and Colleges of our diocese in this important letter to students.
See link for details.

27. Jun, 2020

Online Prayer Wall

Here is an opportunity to ask for parish prayers using this padlet platform.
Highlight the url. right clikck the mouse and Go..............

10. Jul, 2020

Red Box 'Missio'.

We are not able to collect the Red Boxes at this time but those who wish to empty and donate from home should see the following link.

28. Jun, 2020

200 Club

Our monthly draws still take place but no prizes have been distributed during the lockdown.
See link for monthly winners.

18. Nov, 2020

Recent Deaths

Please remember in your prayers the souls of the recently departed.
Kathleen Marjoram RIP
Dr Lawrence Kalu RIP
Mavis Brewer RIP
Hannah (Joan) Guilfoyle RIP
Baby Johanna Busingyi RIP
Patrick O Neill RIP
Christopher Griffin RIP
Maurice Moen RIP
Gladys Marina Giffard RIP
Bill Greenslade RIP
Sheila Scholey RIP
Eileen Margaret Harney RIP
Lil O Sullivan RIP
Jennifer Obel RIP
John Galvin RIP
Dean Francolini RIP
John Gorman RIP
Jim Murphy RIP
Everal Egan RIP
Kathleen Stamp RIP
Brian Overall RIP