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Latest news

15. Jul, 2017

Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic Church?

We will begin our next course of meetings in October. The dates will be announced in Mid August and application forms available.
Or, just come and join our initial meeting and see what you think!
See link for further details.

5. Aug, 2017

Timetable for First Holy Communion Programme

This is the draft timetable which will be confirmed at the Parent's meeting on 7th October.

24. Aug, 2017

Sacrament of Confirmation 2018

Thursday 8th February 2018 at 7.30pm
Application forms available from mid October.
See link for Timetable

16. Sep, 2017

Cafod Southwark Harvest Pilgrimage

St Francis de Sales Church,
Church Road, Hartley, DA3 8DW
Time: 11:45am—5:30pm
See link for further details.

3. Aug, 2017

Warm Homes Healthy People

A partnership between Lewisham Council and Groundwork London
This project offers advice and resources to help those at risk from fuel poverty.
See link for details.

18. Jul, 2017

Subscriptions to Catholic weekly newspapers

We only sell one Catholic newspaper per week. It seems we have moved to a digital age. If you wish to take a subscription, either to the print or digital format, of the weekly Catholic papers, you will find information by using this link.

25. Aug, 2017

Refugee Action

This charity identifies alarming numbers of people seeking asylum being refused the daily emergency allowance which is then overturned on appeal.
Have we become a society who see numerical figures and not human beings?
See link for articles.

23. Sep, 2017

Annual Day for Catechists

At St George's Cathedral. From 11am to Mass at 4pm.
All catechists are invited to attend.
See link for details.

24. Jun, 2017

Liverpool Conference on the Eucharist

7-9 Septermber 2018
Two representatives invited from each parish in the England and Wales.
Details will follow in July.
See link for further details.

6. Jul, 2017

Diabetes in Lewisham

Type 2 diabetes is an escalating health concern in Lewisham.
Volunteers are needed to become Peer Support Group Facilitators.
See link for further details.

27. May, 2017

Catholic History Walks in London in Sept / Oct

See link for walks in London in September and October

14. May, 2017

Gift Aid

Please remember to collect your new box of envelopes.
Members will find your number and the total of your donations
for the year 2016 / 2017
on the church noticeboard or by following this link.
Some of you may need the information for Income Tax Returns.

7. Jul, 2017

Marriage Care (Volunteers needed at Blackheath)

Supporting marriage and family life.
See link for details

4. Nov, 2016

The art of dying well

This is a new website launched by the Catholic Bishops' Conference that offers help to those grappling with issues around death and dying. Based on the Catholic tradition but open to all, it features real-life stories dealing with the journey through death to eternal life.
Find out more on

23. Jul, 2015

Carers UK

Over 6.5 million people are carers in the UK. It can be a lonely existence. See link to access support or online resources.

23. May, 2015

Have you considered a career in the Priesthood?

Read this article on some of the qualities that might indicate
you have a vocation to the priesthood.

3. Oct, 2015

London Southbank Unviersity Chaplaincy

See link for news of the chaplaincy at London Southbank.